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Sex accidents... eeek!

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We’re not here to judge anybody. If you want to get kinky, more power to you. Just be sure you know what you’re getting into. *no pun intended*

I think we've all been there. Things either get stale in the bedroom and you want to try something new and adventurous. Or, you are just a no holds barred kind of person/couple. Either way.. things can go wrong and have. Here's a few of the things I've found that are bound to make you think twice before getting too crazy.

Blowing the Boss is never a good idea...
In 2009, a Chinese secretary was giving her boss a blowjob in his parked car. Unfortunately for the two of them, a van nearby shifted into reverse crashing hard into the car. The impact snapped the woman's jaw closed resulting in the severing of her boss's manhood.

A little H2O fun turned into a trip to the emergency room...
October 2014, an Italian couple though sex in the ocean would be a great idea. Well, the combination of his rock hard cock and her orgasmic contractions resulted in the two of them being "locked" together. They were both ok after a little medical intervention.

Now this is just plain STUPID!!! WHO DOES THIS? Apparently this couple! Takes all kinds!
When you MUST spice things up in the bedroom, please, whatever you do.. STAY AWAY from the sharp power tools! I would think that would go without saying, but I guess not. One Maryland couple thought that connecting a rubber dildo to the blade of a SABER SAW was actually a GOOD IDEA (rolling eyes)
Needless to say, The blade cut right through that sex toy meant to give PLEASURE and fun... this poor (albeit not that bright) girl had some serious damage done to her vagina. *THINK TWICE*

That last one was bad.. this one's worse.. Buttplug of DEATH!

December 2013 a British man wanted to try something new so he decided to buy a vibrating buttplug. He got his new toy home and gave it a whirl. Trouble began when he couldn't figure out how to retrieve it from where the sun doesn't shine. He lived with his mother and was too ashamed to confess to her his dilemma so he proceeded to spend the next FIVE days laying on the couch with the constant vibration of this buttplug going on in his backside. He finally got to the point that he could take no more and called an ambulance. Unfortunately for this poor chap, it was too late. Even emergency surgery could not save his life. The toy had perforated his insides. Game over!

WELL... Not just a deep hole with water in it. This one in Spain also contained a woman looking for a hookup.
Sex outside can be fun, adventurous and provide just the right amount of risk of being caught, that some people crave. For one couple they got caught but in a way they were not anticipating. In 2014 they ventured to a park in the city of Ciudad Real, apparently known to be one of the best pick-up spots in town. They chose a secluded area to commence the good times not realizing that their choice was also the cover to an underground well. While getting down and dirty the cover became dislodged and the woman plunged 30 feet down the shaft. I have to think she had another "shaft" in mind that day. It took rescuers over 30mins to get to her and extract her from the deep hole.

Like to be watched... That's cool. Just make sure that glass your pressed against is strong enough!
In 2013 one unlucky couple met the end when the window they were up against gave way and they plunged, still locked together, to the ground below.

This last one is just too odd to pass up. Condoms are NOT meant for the head on your shoulders guys!
A man in East Sussex had a particular fetish- Inflating condoms with tons of nitrous oxide and then placing the prophylactic over his head. He just chose the WRONG head to put that rubber on. In November of 2007 his housemates found him dead in bed with the condom clinging to his face. Maybe if he had used one or two can's of nitrous it would have changed things. He apparently used three full cans to inflate the condom to a massive size then suffocated while pleasuring himself.

On that note guys & girls... Stay safe and think twice. Eeek !
Xoxo Ariel



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